Suppliers are an essential part of our future development and success in creating and delivering customer value. We have developed and maintain good relationship with equipment manufacturers/agencies and service providers. This allows us to select the equipment best suited for your specific needs with competitive price from the top suppliers.

We work in close liaison with our clients to comprehend their unique problems. Clients can call upon our vast knowledge and experience to provide tailored and time efficient solution

innovation and creativity

Our Values

• Professionalism. To work with excellent integrity, ethics, responsibility and giving priority to team work.
• Quality. To provide competitive engineering services by giving priority to high quality
• Drive to excellence. We are committed to continuous improvement and recognize the need of development of our team.

Quality Policy

• Deliver our work in compliance to the specified quality requirements
• Submit work in a timely manner in accordance to client’s requirements
• Implement continuous improvements in all areas
• Involve and respond to customer feedback/input and take corrective actions
• Develop human resource competencies to enhance the company’s competitiveness

Safety Policy

PT. 3RAS Engineering takes safety seriously and has a strong commitment protect the wellbeing of our staff, clients and the general public. To our belief, accidents are preventable and we are committed to ensuring a safe work environment.
• Perform work safely with zero accident
• Avoid negative impacts on the working environment
• Evaluate and improve the Occupational Safety and Health Management System
• Compliance to health and safety regulations set by the authority
• Develop HR competence in the field of occupational safety and health